Costing system for Transport Industries

Today no business can survive or grow without costing management, costing provides you torch light on dark areas of your business and it guide you on how to save on wastage, where to cut down on unnecessary cost and prevent theft and losses.

Transport costing system is supplementary system to be used with your main LR management system and accounts, and best of all, you can buy this at trivial price, just 99/- USD, the key features of system are as follow.

  • Manage truck/bus efficiency like its expenses, fuel, KM travelled etc. And comparison against standard data, so you can protect against fuel loss or wastages.
  • Manage driver costing and efficiency and their salaries as well, so you can always have an idea of driver wise profitability.
  • Important alerts like Passing date, PUC dates etc.
  • Tier management, manage tier number wise records, so your tier never can be theft or loss, and can calculate and compare how much KM it served during life.
  • Driver advances and presence connected with salaries, complete salary sheet.

At present our Transport costing module is already used by many prestigious transport companies, You can Download screen shots or Contact us for more details and live demo.


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