Barcode based Imagewise Software for Saree shops/showrooms

EasySale is very cost effective, user friendly and yet much powerful software solution for saree retail shops. At present many saree and garment showrooms at Surat and across India using EasySale to manage their retail business effectively. EasySale includes complete accounting, (See ABAMS for complete accounting features).

  • Imagewise Sales and Stock Reports, as if your showroom is at your computer desk
  • Partywise and Itemwise analysis of stock and sales
  • Ageing analysis of stock makes you clear what to purchase and what to not, which is very important factor in retail business
  • Complete salesman management like sold good and its ageing, performance and salaries
  • Complete CRM to analyze customer data from various aspects and send them SMS on important events, print mailing cards
  • Areawise analysis to target marketing campaign on specific areas
  • Various analytics report to know which party and items are most Lucrative
  • Our industry standard accounting package ABAMS integrated fully

Download detailed documents for better idea. if you are seeking software for saree or garment shops or showroom which is easier to manage, powerfull and returns best on your investment, look no further, just Contact Us by any means.


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